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Sunrise Foundation

Addiction is classified as a disease by the world health organization and medical fraternity. The problem affects not only the addict but also his or her family members, dependants and friends. It almost ruins families of the addicts. To help addict to get rid of the disease and regain control over mind and body , the sunrise foundation offers professional comprehensive rehabilitation therapy Sunrise foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to alcohol and narcotic de addiction and rehabilitation of addicts . The organziation was established in the year 2008 by the well known social worker and reformist from vileparle late shri suraj salian . The center provides the de addiction and rehabilitation services through the servies of the professionals from medical , psychology and pychiatry fields . The WHO establied steps are followed to achieve the total de addiction and rehabilitition of the patients in the center . Currently the center is being run by the younger brother of the late shri suraj salian , who is involved in all day to day affairs of the center .